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Our mission is to bring innovative products to the water treatment industry and into consumers homes. Over the years, we have launched state-of-the-art products such as point-of-entry ultraviolet disinfection systems, point-of-use RO & UF systems and our impressive RevV SEries.

Water Softening Systems


Hankscraft will help ease the complexity of choosing a water softener for your home. Whether your focus is on comfort, convenience, economy or conservation, we can help you choose a water conditioning solution that is right for you and your family.

Iron / MaNganese Removal Systems

Water Softener SystemsPure clean, pure filtered, pure water.

Iron, manganese and other metal-based contaminants in your water pose a concern for quality of life. Removing these unwanted contaminants with a Hankscraft iron system will make a difference you can see, smell, feel and taste in your entire home.

Drinking Water Systems

Water Softener SystemsUltra-Filtration and Reverse Osmosis DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS

With a Hankscraft under-sink drinking water system, you as well as your family will have safe, clean water and peace of mind. Impurities are trapped in replaceable cartridges allowing only clean, delicious water flow to the faucet which supports and enhances your family's heathy lifestyle choices.

Whole-Home Treatment Systems

Water Softener SystemsEffectivly treat the entire water system from one point.

Hankscraft whole-home systems remove unwanted chlorine/chloramines, hydrogen sulfide and waterborne organisms that can cause illness. They also prevent hard water scale and solve a host of other water quality issues. Tell us your concerns and we will tailor a system to your needs.

"Your confidence in your products’ ability to do their job has given me confidence that I have a superior system that I can count on to do its job."


- Julie Tomlin, Tomlin Water Conditioning

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Certification of Quality

Our dedication to our customers begins with a commitment to quality.
Water Treatment Certifications
Water Treatment Certifications
Water Treatment Certifications
Water Treatment Certifications